First Days at Home

Things to Remember

  • You are NOT hostess
  • Limit visitors or have a support person greet visitors so you can rest
  • Accept help that is offered to you
  • Make a list of things that others could do for you (some people truly don’t know how to help)
  • Focus on resting with and learning about your baby*

Have Confidence! If you and baby are healthy, you have every reason to believe you will nurse to your goals.

Some helpful tips:

  • Satisfaction cues include relaxation of fists, sleepiness, disappearing cues, coming off breast
  • Watch baby more than the clock
  • Variables effecting length of feed include gestational age, neurological immaturity, supply
  • You will be tracking feedings and diapers – hospital handout
  • Baby will feed at least every 2-3 hours (watch for feeding cues) in the beginning.
  • Feeding cues include rooting, sucking on fist, turn to momma’s voice. Crying is LAST cue
  • Schedule a pediatrician or family doctor appointment while still in the hospital for the 2nd or 3rd day after you will be home

More help on establishing your baby’s milk supply:

  • Drain breast frequently
  • Latch – baby to breast, deep latch. Overheard: “It’s breastfeeding not nipple-feeding”
  • Do not limit time at breast
  • No Supplements unless medically indicated at any stage
  • Continue to keep baby skin to skin (dad can do this, too!)
  • Call your Lactation Consultant/Doula with questions

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