Returning to Work

Planning Your Return to Work

  1. Employees planning to pump should alert their immediate supervisor before returning to work in order to have what you need to pump on your first day back. A Better Balance has tips on returning to work and Talking to your boss about pumping at work.
  2. Prepare your baby for the bottle and try to take baby to their childcare provider as a practice run to gauge time for when you return to work. Return to work pumping checklist.
  3. Plan ahead. Schedule pumping sessions on your calendar. Allow extra time to travel to the space, set up and clean up.
  4. Keep an extra set of pumping supplies and nursing pads at work.
  5. If you travel during the day, coordinate with other locations regarding pumping space. Bring a car adaptor or manual pump in case you need to pump in the car.
  6. Relax and look at pictures or videos of your baby to encourage let down. Stress can affect your pumping output, so try to breathe and take this moment to think about your baby and the amazing gift you are giving.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Rights:

A Better Balance has published a list of FAQs for pregnant workers, along with a recorded webinar, both of which can be viewed here. You can find more resources on our COVID-19 landing page here

Anyone who has questions about their workplace rights around pregnancy, lactation accommodations, taking leave, etc. can call their free & confidential legal helpline at 1-833-NEED-ABB (1-833-633-3222) or visit Reference the TN breastfeeding laws if needed.